A Guide To Sports Coaching


Welcome to your Sports Coaching Guide!

The guide to sports coaching is designed to provide you with the very best articles we have here on Leadership and Sport. The articles in our guide will give you a good understanding of the theory to make you a better coach.

From how to become a sports coach, to how to plan a coaching session, to understanding leadership styles and learning the different methods of practice.

Sports Coaching development is an evolving process, yet even with an understanding of the basic principles of sports coaching, you can make a difference in improving all those interested in sports.

Here at Leadershipandsport.com, we have created this free guide to sports coaching for aspiring and current sports coaches and leaders.

We believe all sports coaches should understand what a National Governing Body is, what qualifications sports coaches need and where to find coaching courses. If you want to know more about becoming a successful coach then this guide is perfect for you. The guide is also designed for coaches who already have sports coaching experience and will enable you to reflect and develop on your current experience.

Contents – Guide To Sports Coaching

Chapter 1 – How to Become a Sports Coach

Chapter 2 – What Makes a Good Coach

Chapter 3 – What Qualifications Does a Sports Coach Need

Chapter 4 – How to Plan a Coaching Session

Chapter 5 – Leadership Styles

Chapter 6 – Stages of Learning

Chapter 7 – Methods of Practice

Chapter 8 – What is Periodisation

Chapter 9 – Coaching Session Checklist

Chapter 10 – Team Cohesion in Sport

Chapter 11 – Personality Types – What are they?

Chapter 12 – Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation – What is it?

Chapter 13 – Sports Coaching Feedback Form

Chapter 14 – Free Tournament Planner Template

Do I need to read all of this guide?

If you are new to sports coaching, we recommend reading all chapters in the Guide to Sports Coaching.

Work through the guide in your own time. Making sure you note down areas of interest and further topics to work on. Having a basic understanding of coaching techniques and strategies is one of the first steps to becoming a successful sports coach. The next step is to put this into practice safely with guidance from trained sports coaches.

Make sure you also visit the different sports coaching resources we reference throughout the chapters. These prove popular for a reason!

Enjoy the Guide to Sports Coaching and we hope you find the sports coaching techniques, theories and strategies as exciting as we do. Why not also let us know how you get on by commenting below.

First step:

Chapter 1 – How to Become a Sports Coach

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