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Sports Session Coaching Checklist

The sports coaching session checklist below has been created to support sports coaches when planning their coaching sessions. Following the success of our free downloadable sports session planning template, as well as our downloadable sports tournament planner, we are now providing sports coaches with our free downloadable sports coaching session checklist.

Sports coaches are looking for more efficient and quicker methods to help plan their sessions and this checklist is one of the methods to use.

How will the sports coaching session checklist help me?

The sports coaching session checklist can help sports coaches who are new to coaching or those who are experienced. The coaching checklist is a one page document that has the majority of questions that coaches should ask during the planning stages. There is also space for coaches to draw/explain their progressions during the session as well as areas for coaches to include a review.

What to include when planning a sports coaching session?

When planning a coaching session coaches should ask the following:

  • Have you planned what you are going to coach/teach (using our session planning template)
  • Have you confirmed the date and time
  • Do you know what equipment you need
  • Have you booked and confirmed the venue
  • Have all insurance and documentation been confirmed and/or approved
  • Do you know how to travel to the venue
  • Have you considered all necessary health and safety aspects
  • What was you previous coaching session on?
  • What is the aim of this coaching session
  • What equipment you need for the coaching session

All the questions and topics above are included in our checklist. Feel free to change these questions if need be. The checklist also has an area for sports coaches to note/draw the different skill progressions and conditioned games.

How to use the sports coaching checklist

Once downloaded, coaches can amend the document to suit their own needs or can keep it as it is. We recommend laminating the document and then coaches can continue to reuse it when planning their sessions. If you have any assistants or other coaches the checklist is also useful for them to use.

The coaching session checklist works particularly well with our downloadable sports session template as well as our tournament planning templates.

Why are we creating this?

Coaches have asked us to continue to provide resources for sports coaches and we feel this checklist is particularly useful for sports coaches who need a quick and easy way to plan a sports coaching session.

How has this helped us?

The coaching session checklist is an easy resource to take out onto a pitch with you and has all the relevant information you need on it. We have found this quick and easy to use and can be kept for other sessions in the future.

The Sports Coaching Checklist

You can download the sports coaching checklist here:

Coaching Session Checklist - Sports

What next?

You may also find our sports coaching planning template as well as our tournament planning templates useful.

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