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Are you looking for the best sport autobiography books on Leadership and Management?

In this post, we will share with you our top sport autobiography books on sports leadership and sports management.

There are a large number of sports leadership books and sports autobiographies to choose from and choosing the best ones to read is always difficult. Sports autobiographies are often inspiring, motivational, as well as demonstrate the fantastic achievements of individuals and leaders.

Sports leadership autobiograhy books provide an insight into how managers lead using the different leadership styles. Sports coaches and managers can either be autocratic, democratic and/or Laissez-faire. . Our article on the different sports leadership styles provides an in depth review on the different leadership styles.

Sport autobiography books on sports leadership and management provide a useful insight into how managers and leaders inspire their teams to victory, whilst also handling the pressures of success and expectation.

Our top three autobiographies on sports leadership and sports management.

Winning – Clive Woodward

Winning by Sir Clive Woodward explains how he provided a different approach to rugby leadership and how he began to create what could arguably be one of the best generations of English rugby. Any sports coach who would want to improve the performance of their team should give this a read. For those reading who are not in the UK, you can access Winning here.

Learn how he developed his coaching style over the years and the lessons he learnt over his years of sports coaching.

Always Managing: My Autobiography – Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp’s autobiography tells the story of determination and the hardwork put in over his years of management. Explaining how he rose through the ranks in management along with how he developed his own leadership style over time. Whilst reading this, you learn the insights in how he managed teams and individuals throughout his career to achieve success. For those outside the UK, you can view the price here.

Our favourite:

Leading – Alex Ferguson with Michael Mortiz

Leading by Sir Alex Ferguson* not only tells the story of his successes but also encompasses all the skills leaders’ need. The Autobiography from Sir Alex Ferguson makes you reflect on your current coaching and leadership skills whilst also teaching you more about what it is to truly achieve. His philosophy on sports leadership and management in this autobiography demonstrates all the work that was put in to achieve it. From undoubtedly, one of the best manages of all time, Leading shows true leadership in a clear and transparent way. For those not in the UK, you can view the price here/

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