The Best Sports Team Management Apps

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Want to know what are the Best Team Management Apps for Sports Coaches?

In the post, we have reviewed a number of sports team management apps available for sports coaches. We have created this article following our successful article on the best apps for sports coaches.

We have seen an increase in the demand from sports coaches about what are the best sports team management apps to use and which one should they use.

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What are Sports Team Management Apps?

Team management apps are created for sports coaches who manage a number of people and want to coordinate and communicate with their team. Most coaches use sports team apps to communicate with their athletes or parents about up and coming fixtures, training dates and even payment for subs/kit. Our article on the best sports apps for coaches offers different apps sport coaches use during training sessions and with team organisation.

The four Free Sports Team Management Apps we have included in this post are:

  • Teamsnap
  • Team App
  • Teamer
  • Spond

After a brief search on the App store, we found over 15 different sports team management apps available to download along with more apps available for specific sports. Firstly we explain what team management apps are and why more sports coaches are beginning to use these. We have chosen four free apps for managing sports teams in this post.

What Do They Include?

Below are some examples of what Team Sports Management apps include:

  • Enable communication between coaches and athletes/parents
  • Share fixture schedule and location details
  • Send photos and team updates
  • Surveys or questionnaires (An examples of this is so that players can vote for man of the match)
  • Payment facility for kit or team fees
  • Ability to include a social calendar
  • Track attendances to training and fixtures
  • Confirmation of who is attending fixtures
  • Some apps have features for parents to access fixture location and communication.

Gone are the days when sports coaches had to keep track of attendance to training on paper. Sports coaches can use these apps to monitor their team from their phone (check out our downloadable coaching checklist). We have found these apps really useful for smaller sports teams and are also aware of larger sports teams using these as well. Not only for the ease, but also for the accessibility or speed at which sports coaches can communicate with their team.

It is worth noting that coaches will need to check the privacy settings of the sports team management apps. There have been some concerns raised about the privacy when reading comments about some apps. The concerns raised was that some apps enable access to non-confidential information, such as sharing a fixture schedule or results however most apps allow coaches to hide these details within their privacy settings. On a positive, some apps have features that enable someone to access the information by email if they do not have a smart phone.

More information about the apps privacy settings and policies can be found using the links below for each of the apps reviewed in this post.

What Best Sports Team Management Apps do we recommend?


The Teamsnap App has a rating of 4.7 in The App store (out of 137 ratings). The advantage of Teamsnap is that is caters for a wide range of sports. Features include the ability to send messages to whole team or just a select group. Teamsnap also allows sports coaches to track who is able to play at fixtures and enables players to contribute to conversations.

Teamsnap is free to download however it does also offer a premium service enabling additional features.

Team App

Team App has a rating of 4.4 in The App store (out of 1.71k Ratings). The Team App claims it is 100% free. One aspect that makes the Team App stand out from the other apps is that sports coaches begin by creating their own team app which is individual to each team/club. Players can then download their very own specific team app created by their coach or manager. Team App also has a feature that enables sports coaches to claim membership fees and subs on the app. You can offer surveys to team members and sync a team fixture/training calendar to your own phone calendar.

The Team App is very popular with teams from different sizes. Team App does run adverts however this can be removed with an annual payment.


Teamer has a rating of 3.5 in The App Store (out of 185 ratings). The downside of teamer is that instead of creating your own app, a sports coach creates their own team page within the app which is then accessed only by your team members (depending on their privacy settings). We feel that Teamer is very limited when compared to the Team App.


Spond has a rating of 4.8 in The App Store (out of 183 ratings). The app has the majority of the features other Team Sport Apps however lacks quality when compared with Team App. Spond does have a good feature in that the app is not required for all members. Instead, they would receive it by email. Enabling further members to access this information.

Our view:

All of the Sports Team Management Apps above are all able to carry out what most sports coaches needed if they want to communicate and organise teams using apps. There is one app that does stand out for us from our experience and this is the Team App.

Team App may not have the highest rating in the app store however 1700 reviews with an average of 4.4 is pretty significant. The ability to create a personalised app for a team and the quality of the app outperforms other apps in the market.

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