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The Most Trending Football Training Equipment

Want to know what the most trending Football/Soccer Training Equipment is? In the post we have done just that.

Following our previous posts on the best GPS sports vests and our favourite football/soccer coaching books, we want to share with you the most trending football training equipment available on the market.

In this post, we have included the following football training equipment:

Updated – August 2020

EliteGo Portable Soccer Goal 

The EliteGo Portable Goal is one of the easiest and quickest Pop-up goals that can be used in all training sessions. Whether they are used for shooting or passing, they are suitable for all age ranges. However, we recommend you always use the ground pegs as the net will just fly away otherwise.

A must have in for all football coaches. You may find you want more than one set as well.

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SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

The SKLZ portable football rebounder net is a must for those who want to work on passing or volleying with accurate results. The SKLZ rebounder has been designed to provide a realistic return on the ball to help players develop not only delivery but receiving skills at the same time.

The Rebounder is one of the more expensive rebounders on the market. However, you are provided with a quality product and a realistic return on the ball.

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A11N Speed and Agility Training Set

The training set is a must for all coaches. The variety of drills and exercises possible with this set is huge. It can be used all year round, pre-season, fitness training sessions, warm up drills, recovery sessions and post season training.

This is why we included the A11N Speed and Training set in our post on the best sports training equipment of 2020 (you may also want to check this out).

The set includes 1 speed chute,1 agility ladder, 4 adjustable hurdles, 12 disc cones with 1 drawstring bag and 4 steel stakes.

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AKOZLIN Soccer Field Nets Target Sheets

This is the ultimate for shooting practice. The target sheet has been created to include the main scoring areas in goal. The net is suitable all year round and is easy to assemble.

The net is superb for set plays or developing shooting accuracy. 

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Haploon Soccer Coaching Board

Want to demonstrate tactics and not have to all huddle around a tiny board. This is where this tactic board comes in handy. It comes with an easy carrying bag and you can also write on it (Just remember not to use a permanent marker!).

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Net World Sports Forza Soccer Free-Kick Mannequins

These really come in hand for set piece training with realistic examples and scenarios. With the option to buy a pack of 3 or a single. You can also opt for 5ft 4ins or 6ft size mannequins for even more realistic situations. 

Even better, these can either be spiked into the ground or use the base provided for use on AstroTurf or 4G.

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Football Training Equipment – Summary

We hope the above equipment provide inspiration and ideas for you. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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